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row of cars in a car parkYigal Vainroob began working in the parking industry in 2007 at the age of 28 after arriving in New York City from Israel. He started as an overnight attendant at Alliance Parking Services. Eventually, his responsibilities quickly expanded as he became the location manager, supervisor, and finally, VP of operations. Here, he oversaw over 120 employees and was directly involved in a number of product and platform launches within the parking management, logistics, and software space.

In 2016, Yigal launched Parking Pro Shop to help parking owners and operators streamline the parking management process. This service allows owners to keep high-quality presentation while growing a powerful brand image. With an eye on his own experiences in the parking industry, Yigal focused on producing a brand that was seamless, user-friendly, and of high-value — something he would have wanted to use while at Alliance Parking Services.

We service parking owners and operators, including Hospitals, Airports, Marinas, Stadiums, Arenas, Shopping centers, Building, Lots, Garages, and Convention centers. Today, Parking Pro Shop is a unique and only one in its class parking supply platform on the market, offering users a host of one-stop-shop solutions for growing, scaling, and maintaining their businesses.

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